Your monthly hair care planner

Get the hair you've always wanted!

Do you get factually daily a crisis with your hair and are thoroughly dissatisfied?

Then I can only say: Welcome to the club!

Do you have short or long hair? Thick or thin? Straight or completely frizzy? Strictly speaking, it doesn't matter. Because I want to show you a way to keep your hairjourney on track with a little oversight and routine.

Put an end to your hair frustration

With the help of my monthly hair planner ...

Hey, I'm Kardi!

...and help you get the hair you always wanted to have!

With my weekly plan I want to help you not only to familiarize yourself with your hair, but also to get more perspective in your hair care.

I still remember - as if it was yesterday - my mother trying to tame my hair every day - sometimes with more frustration, sometimes with less frustration.

Finding contacts for your own hair texture? Almost an impossibility!

Finding hairdressers who can apply your desired hair extensions? Only in dreams!

Ultimately, it's your hair & you should know best what your hair really needs. And you won't find this answer from now on.

But now I wish you a lot of fun while noting, analyzing and experimenting.

We all know how important it is to take care of our hair, but too often we put it off.

To make sure you're giving your hair the attention it deserves, it's important to create a hair care plan. That way, you can make sure your hair looks terrific for a long time to come, and you won't forget any important steps along the way to your routine.

Find out why a hair care plan is not only sensible, but also useful here.

The benefits of a hair care plan

First and foremost, a hair plan helps you get an overview.

Whether you use certain products regularly, plan your "hairtim" or use a Hair Protective hairstyle every few months. With a plan, you can stay on top of things.

Another important benefit of a hair care plan is that it helps you budget for products and services throughout the year and keep track of that, too.


You might know it: On Youtube this product was recommended, on Instagram that one. Especially when it comes to afro hair care products, a fat bill is often due.

Instead of being surprised at how much money you spend every time you order something or go to the store, you can control exactly what needs to be done and when, so you can set aside money for products or services.


A well thought-out hair care plan is not only useful - in fact, it's essential! At least if you have specific hair goals that you want to achieve.

Not only does it ensure that no step in your routine is neglected, but it also makes budgeting easier, as expenses and timings can be planned in advance and there are no surprises every time. Plus, regular maintenance pays off when it comes to keeping your hair healthy in the long run. So don't wait any longer and create your very own hair care plan today!

The best part? I'll provide you with a free hair plan. You can design it the way you want.