In a few steps to trendy braids: How Hair Braiding?

✨ Very easy to make yourself! ✨

Hello there, you heart man! I’m Kardi and today I’m going to tell you why you should definitely learn to braid your own hair with synthetic hair.

✅ Nowadays braids are more than just a hairstyle, they represent beauty and uniqueness.

✅ Braids are a modern and versatile styling element that creates many different looks. The braided strands can create different styles, from casual and airy look to elegant and sleeker style. The key to succeeding with your trendy braid hairstyle is to combine the appropriate techniques.

✅Braids are more than just an ordinary accessory for the hair.

📌 Why weaving in synthetic hair is so ingenious ...

  1. It allows for experimental style: with synthetic hair you can create fancy braided hairstyles and color blends that you would never achieve with your regular hair.
  2. It has a long shelf life: braids can last up to several weeks with proper care and application. At the same time, the synthetic hair is much more resistant to external influences and therefore retains its appearance longer.

3. More volume and fullness: Especially for short hair, synthetic hair gives you more volume and fullness, which creates a beautiful look.

4.It comes in a variety of lengths and colors: with synthetic hair, there are no more limits to the look – you can choose extra long to short, curly to straight, and even mix it up with multiple colors to give your outfit a personal touch!

💫 3 reasons why you should be able to braid your own hair with synthetic hair:

  1. It costs less money: save the money for the trip to the stylist and the cost of your stylist!

2. no false confessions/more flexibility: with synthetic hair, you can try and test an infinite number of different looks without having to commit to a style or thank yourself afterwards for a hairstyle you don’t actually like.

3. it saves the future time: braiding – in itself – takes time for now, but once the hair is braided, you can shift the time of your original hair care differently.

Lay your foundation for your next braids hairstyle 🙂

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